Sunday, January 17, 2010

Special Orders Don't Upset [Me]

Probably the most fun thing about making these toe guards is the special requests I get. The most ubiquitous symbol of roller derby is the star, and the second is the stripe (for the pivot's helmet). I have made plenty of those in many colors, but the thing about derby is that a girl really gets to express herself in a way that is different from her everyday life. She gets to pick a name that reflects who she is (something tough, maybe sexy, maybe feminine--- for a list of the names of members of the international Women's Flat Track Derby Association, go to It's very entertaining), and, naturally, she'll want some toe guards that go with that name.
Here are some of the special requests I have made:

For Panama Crack:

Not too long after that was posted, a skater asked for a German flag:

A friend suggested I make all the flags that there are, but since there are 196 countries in the world, I will wait until I am asked for each one.

Another skater wanted her initials:

But these were even more fun to make:

Some pink kitty paw prints:

Continuing on with the kitty cat theme... these are made with a Cheetah printed leather:

A skater on my team, Witch Wade Shego, asked for a yellow crescent moon:

This one was fun to make:

I especially liked making these, although the halo was a little tricky. Both the red and silver are from alligator leather:

This one took quite some time with the X-acto knife:

And, lastly, a Fleur de Lis:

I haven't been able to make everything that was asked, but I like to try.

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  1. Great to see you blogging again!!! You are going mad, wild with these toe guards.